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Ready to burn firewood delivered to your doorstep

  • Shed-stored firewood
    The firewood is shed-stored until delivery.

We are a family owned and operated firewood business based near Darfield. Our main product is quality, dry old-man pine firewood harvested from small plantations on the family farm. The trees are processed onsite, air dried and then shed stored until delivery time. Upon order, the firewood is loaded into our tip truck and delivered to your doorstep.

Delivery of firewood in Darfield, Coalgate, Glentunnel, Sheffield and Whitecliffs is free, with delivery charges applying further afield.

Our Products

Old-man pine firewood in Darfield

Old-man Pine

Old-man Pine is a dense wood, containing more resin than plantation pine and is therefore longer-lasting and puts out more heat.

Depending on who you ask, old man pine is 25+ to 45+ years old. Ours is 30 years and older.

Plantation Pine firewood in Darfield

Plantation Pine

Mix of limbs from old-man pine trees and younger pine trees. These will still give good heat, but burn slightly faster than the old-man pine firewood.


Great to get your fire started quickly with this dry kindling!

Please note that we only sell kindling alongside a wood order.

All firewood sales require a minimum size of 3 cubic meters.
Our payment options are bank deposit or cash.


Our tip truck is used for all our firewood deliveries in Darfield and surrounds

We usually deliver during week day evenings, but other times can be arranged on request.
We only deliver; sorry no pick up from our yard.

LocationDelivery Charges
Coalgate, Glentunnel,
Sheffield, Whitecliffs
and Darfield
Kirwee, Springfield,
Hororata and Oxford
West Melton, Rolleston$30
Castle Hill, Arthurs Pass
and Christchurch
on request

We are happy to deliver outside these areas, please contact us for a quote.

To place a firewood order please contact us on:

021 02798082

or via our facebook page: